Brookton DHS - Exemplary Performance


Brookton District High School is characterised by a safe and trusting environment in which staff and students make the most of what they have. Under the circumstances, a persistent focus on student welfare and individual needs is essential. The leaders seek to challenge staff and students to capitalise on their various strengths in pursuit of this objective. The school has achieved success consistently by having high expectations of staff and students.

It functions as the epitome of its motto – Strive – by supporting students to achieve their individual academic, social, sporting and cultural potential in a calm, orderly, predictable and mutually respectful environment. Staff are collectively and individually responsible and accountable for students’ learning and wellbeing. A collaborative culture with a balance of explicit teaching practices and tailored support contribute significantly to the school’s success.

The school’s stable, skilled and supportive leadership team has established the prerequisites for sustainable success through clarity of purpose, efficient communication and an exceptionally strong shared understanding of what should be achieved. Links between the various elements of school planning and classroom implementation are fundamental to the school’s effectiveness.

Parents and community members are allied with the school’s leaders in working to ensure that high quality learning experiences for the students are sustained.