Bruce Rock DHS - Excellence in Public Education


Director General Sharyn O'Neill presenting Fiona Yeats with 'Excellence in Public Education' Award

Bruce Rock District High School, 240 km from Perth, caters for 150 children from Kindergarten to Year 10. In 2012 Bruce Rock DHS received an 'Excellence in Public Education Award' as a result of an exemplary practice review of their school, they are very proud of this achievement and are focused on maintaining excellence. 

Excerpt from the Expert Review Group Report (ERG)

"The learning environment at Bruce Rock District High School epitomises the characteristics of schools that achieve success consistently. The leadership team has established operational conditions that ensure staff focus on what matters most, with a balance of explicit teaching and ‘wrap around support’. The leaders contribute significantly to the school’s success by recognising their role in supporting the staff in their work. They have found a way to build and maintain staff satisfaction in the workplace through a shared understanding of the expectations and needs of the community they serve"