The Western Australian District High School Administrators’ Association is the only professional association that exclusively represents administrators in rural West Australian schools. Membership of WADHSAA is available to all principals and deputy principals (substantive or acting) in district high schools or on secondment from a district high school. Membership of WADHSAA offers benefits in the following five areas.  

Minter Ellison Northmore Hale has been selected to provide legal assistance to members.  This service is available on referral by the Executive Committee.  The Association indemnifies members' professional legal (lawyer) costs as far as possible, with each case treated individually.  MENH has the capacity to address issues relating to the needs of members and has briefs with other similar organisations (including WAPPA).  A 'hotline' is available enabling members to contact one of the partners.

Members may need to access legal assistance in regard to private (personal) matters or matters arising directly out of the member's employment where liability is not accepted by the employer.  An initial free 20 minute consultation will be provided for matters in either category.  This may circumvent further legal action or MENH may advise the client of the feasibility of continuing the case.

Members requiring legal assistance should contact the President who then notifies MENH to expect a call from the member.  The member then contacts MENH for initial advice; this may well conclude the contact.  Should a case be made following the initial free consultation, personal matters proceed on a commercial basis between MENH and professional matters proceed depending on the Executive Committee determination and consultation with the referring member.  For professional matters where the Association would reasonably be involved in contributing to the costs, the Association will request that MENH provide the Association with an estimate of costs.  Costs can be approved by the Executive Committee up to an agreed limit.  Should costs exceed this limit, further assistance will be determined by a meeting of the Committee.


Personal accident journey cover provides members with cover from home to work and work to home.  A copy of the full policy can be obtained from the Association Executive.  EDWA still covers employees for injuries under Workers' Compensation provision if the incident resulting in injury occurred in work related travel (eg travel to attend a District meeting or taking a sick child to the doctor etc).       


This is a significant part of the operation of the Association.  The Association has already committed to partnering system improvement.  The partnership role in system improvement involves the Association taking a pro-active stance in representing the needs of administrators and schools in our context, specifically informing policy development and participating in the development of implementation strategies.  This includes involvement with professional colleagues from other sectors to develop frameworks to enable school leaders to access developmental opportunities that will enhance their effectiveness.  There are also moves towards greater professional interaction at the national and international level and increased membership involvement is anticipated.


In addition to holding an annual conference in May each year, the Association works closely with the Leadership Centre to facilitate members’ involvement in a range of personal and professional development opportunities.  Fellowships are made available to members to offset the cost of professional development.            


Our Association is equally represented in the Western Australian Federation of School Administrators Associations with all other administrator associations.  The small size of the Association means that we have a proportionately greater voice in the various forums that we engage in.  
For more information please see our stance on industrial relations below:

Administrators seeking membership of WADHSAA need to complete a deduction authority and forward it to the Assistant Payroll Officer in Central Office or forward a cheque for one year's contributions to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer can advise what the various annual contribution rates are.