The West Australian District High School Administrators Association offers fellowship grants to members from time to time.  The fellowships are awarded to contribute to the development of quality educational leadership in district high schools.  Applicants individually and the community of district high school leaders generally are both expected to benefit from the awarding of a fellowship grant.

As per the Association’s business plan, a significant sum has been set aside each year for member fellowships.  These will be offered toward the direct costs of visiting or studying in another school or education system. The grants are being offered in order to develop understanding of the leadership of schools rather than educational leadership more broadly.


Applications should be addressed to the President.

Applicants should note that the application is not intended to be lengthy or difficult to prepare.  Applicants should provide only that information which will enable the selection panel to determine the nature and purpose of the proposed visit, study or activity and be able to select the most meritorious application.  Applicants should include the following information in their application:

Personal Details

Name, address and contact information for both work and home should be supplied.  A short description of your current role and your school leadership objectives should be included in this section of your application.

Background Information

A brief curriculum vitae should be provided, together with information about any previous fellowships, grants, awards or financial support that has been given to you in relation to your work as a school leader.

Details of the Proposed Visit, Study or Activity

Information should be included about the proposed study, visit or activity, including the rationale for undertaking it.  Detailed information should be provided about the plan, including all anticipated costs and other sources of funding and the amount specifically requested through this fellowship. 

Additionally, any funds being provided arrangements that have already been made regarding contacts, bookings or commitments should be briefly described.  If the visit, study, or activity is being undertaken in association with another purpose such as a holiday, this should be indicated.  If another organization has been approached for a fellowship, grant, or financial support, or has provided a grant, fellowship or financial support for the same visit, study or activity that is the subject of this fellowship application, this should also be indicated.

Personal Benefits

You should provide a statement explaining what you hope to gain by the study, visit or activity.  In this section you should indicate your understanding of the issues of school leadership and how your visit, study or activity relates to this.

Association Benefits

In this section you should illustrate how the community of district high school leaders in Western Australia are likely to benefit from your visit, study or activity and how you plan to share the information gained as a result.

Note:  The Association Executive Committee reserves the right not to award a fellowship even when applications have been submitted.  In such cases the Executive Committee is not required to disclose its reason for not awarding a fellowship.



The Executive Committee will use the following as criteria as the basis for awarding fellowships:

Acceptance of the conditions under which the fellowships will be awarded;

1.     The provision of a detailed rationale for the study, visit or activity being proposed together with a detailed description of the details of the proposed study, visit or activity;

2.     The provision of a brief curriculum vitae which includes information about any previous study, visit, or activity related to the work of school administrators which was undertaken with the assistance of a grant, fellowship or financial support of another organization. Where applications are rated as of equivalent merit, the Executive Committee will select the applicant who has had the least previous benefit from grants, fellowships, awards or financial support;

3.     The value of the visit, study or activity to the community of district high school leaders in Western Australia.  The relevance of the visit, study or activity to issues which face district high school administrators in Western Australia at the time will form part of this criteria;

4.     The degree to which other district high school administrators can benefit from the visit, study or activity;

5.     The extent to which the school leadership capacity of the applicant is likely to be improved by the visit, study or activity; and

6.     The understanding of school leadership and of how school leadership is developed which is demonstrated in the application;



·     Applicants are required to be members of the WADHSAA.

·   Acceptance of a fellowship grant requires applicants to provide a written report on their return that is in a form that can be published by the Association for the benefit of its members.

·   Applicants are required to acknowledge in any written correspondence, report or publication about activities funded in whole or in part by a WADHSAA fellowship grant, that the Association supported their activities in a material way through a fellowship grant.

·   Applicants are required to disclose to the Executive Committee, in their application, whether they are applying for or whether they are in receipt of funds, grants, or financial support from any other organization for the same visit, study or activity for which a WADHSAA fellowship grant is being sought.

·   Applicants are required to provide information about any grant, award of fellowship from any organization or body that has been received in the past for activities, visits, or studies associated with their work as a school administrator.


Approval for Leave or Travel:

The awarding of a WADHSAA fellowship grant does not mean that approval is, or will be, given for leave or travel.  Approval for leave or travel should be sought from the Education Department through normal processes.  The Executive Committee appreciates that negotiations with your employer for leave or travel may mean that applicants have to delay taking up their fellowship.