stitchedThe Western Australian District High School Administrators’ Association is the only professional association that exclusively represents administrators in rural West Australian schools.

The Association’s purpose is to serve the needs of all school administrators who work within the district high school sector and their communities.

WADHSAA has developed to meet the changing needs of administrators in district high schools.  WADHSAA is about professional leadership in the district high school, about principals and deputies taking responsibility for their own professionalism and for improved service in their schools. 

District High Schools face a set of unique and varied issues in educating their students and existing in their communities. Housing students for Kindergarten to TEE at locatations around the state of Western Australia.

WADHSAA is ‘the voice’ of district high schools in the context of the system.

Members of the West Australian District High School Administrators Association work together to improve the education and welfare of students across WA.